Friday, August 24, 2012

Fit for a king/queen

I am aware that times are hard and the economy isn't what it used to be but I am a bit confused about some of the financial choices that I see being made in some family households. Having worked in the social services field for a good amount of time  I've come across some situations that stirs my thoughts and so on this situation I ask for your input.

Growing up and sharing a room with my sisters (imagine three girls in one room with two twin beds) I had no idea there was a possibility that we may have been struggling financially. I don't have any proof that we were struggling financially and this is pure speculation due to the fact that for the most part my mother raised four children on her own making ends meet while working a full-time job. My sisters and brother and I shared things; well they took care of me- I am the baby of the family but that is another blog in itself. :-)
Although I perceive that we struggled at times, reflecting back however I can not put a single finger on proof of it because each of us had much of want we wanted and all of what we needed to thrive in our home and community. Along with an adequate supply of food clothing and a secure shelter we had fun! We laughed as a family we sang, we played, we prayed and we shopped!! Ha my mother loved to shop. When my mom shopped for  food, clothing,  or home furnishings more times than not I was right there with her. Nowadays it seems that some of those cultural necessities are barely present. 
My issue today is in question form: When did air mattresses become the standard for extended sleeping? Where are the beds with the mattress and box spring sets? In my line of work I've seen several homes where children are either sleeping on the floor or on an air mattress in their bedrooms. Not only are they sleeping on air mattresses but they also are without dressers for their clothes. (so where do they put their personal items, you know the stuff that we all keep on our dressers)  Their valuable clothes are in plastic bags or even on the floor of their bedroom next to them piled up on the floor they're sleeping on. I'm not judging anyone and I do realized that some parents just don't have enough resources to go around no matter how hard they try, they are the exception.

I just want to understand their thought processes, is the value lost? The value of allowing your children to have a comfortable and personal sleeping space. A place where they can decorate in their favorite theme and have their friends over to study and the value lost. Has it been minimized to just a simple air mattress on the floor and a room without dressers and clothes in plastic bags? A child's self esteem  and self confidence is much influenced by his or her environment so isn't it the parents responsibility to ensure that they are in a good space to thrive?   

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