Wednesday, June 27, 2012

That ain't cute!

"B**ch please!" How many times have we heard the "B" word a thousand times or so right.  For some women, saying that word is like running the water to brush your teeth in the morning; its a ritual. That word is everywhere, its all over the television stations, in the lyrics of some of the most popular songs, its on the radio and women are dancing to it in the clubs! I'm sick of it!

Generally, I don't like using the B word but on those few occasions when I have chosen to use it trust me, I know how I mean it and it isn't usually to be kind or lovingly to someone. I don't use it as a term of endearment because in my social dictionary there is nothing endearing about being called a Bi**h. Call me thin skinned, old school or whatever you like but I'm just talking about me and where I'm from its bit**es not  snitches that get stitches! But anyway....I can't count the many times I've be called the B word in my life time, by both men & women, by family members and former friends and it does not feel good, nothing close to nice

Seriously, the one thing that I don't understand is: Why do females call each other the B word in normal regular conversations but then in a more confrontational situation it takes on a whole new meaning? Can anyone help me to understand it better? Or....even more curious, is when a guy calls you a Bi**h you take offense to it like it has an entire different meaning than if a female called you by that same word. Why? Is the B word like the N word where for some the meaning is interchangable in its definition depending on who's mouth its coming out of?

Help me y'all! 

I'm aware that my way of thinking isn't the rule of thumb but nevertheless just because our truths aren't the same doesn't mean that anyone is right or wrong as long as we are each comfortable in the skin we're in, right?

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