Saturday, August 25, 2012

Momma's baby

I heard a story on the news the other day about yet another child that was killed while in the custody of a non related adult. When does it end? How many children will have to die for us to learn just how precious and irreplaceable they are? This child only lived a short life actually about 400 days! He lived in the custody of his mother but had been spending nights with her female best friend until the day she caused his death. The "best friend" reported conflicting stories about what actually happened to "Lil Jr" one minute he was reported to the police as being missing, the next minute the news reported her saying that he'd fallen down some steps and instead of calling for medical assistance she put his lifeless body in the closet of her home. Yes he was found stuffed in a closet! Yes you read it right, in the closet.

As parents when do we wake up and make better decisions?! I'm sure this mother didn't plan on her child being killed  and certainly not by her best friend but it happened. Child care is very expensive and I get that but how many days are too many to be without your one year old son/daughter???? The child reportedly had spent several days with the babysitter which was the normal patter for this mom and friend. But this time was different because in a matter of 24 hours Jr is dead and now the parents are sad, childless, friendless and hopeless! C'mon! If you don't have time for your child/ren then don't become a parent.

There is no mystery that being an effective parent takes a lot of commitment to ensure a safe environment but some how some parents lose sight of their obligation. Ladies stop allowing just anyone to babysit your children for days at a time, everyone won't be careful with them. And please stop letting just any guy become "step father" to Jr., chose your mate wisely it's a matter of life and death.

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