Monday, May 14, 2012

What is driving you

Growing and wanting more out of your career and or personal life, happens to all of us but getting there isn't quite so easily for all the same.  Are you a results driven person or are you a blamer? Do you react to things and controllable situations or are you proactive in anticipation of things to come; a planner.  At some point in our professional and personal lives we have to be prepared for tomorrow in such a way that it can be measured and counted. 

Where are you in your professional development state of mind? Are you waiting in silence for that promotion or perfect career option to come your way and fall right in your lap or are you faithfully treading along on the mill  getting yourself prepared for that potential opportunity. Newsflash: There is more to it than a title that makes you the boss. 

Being in a leadership position takes more than just a want it takes persistence and personal perseverance too! The leader must possess both concrete and transferable skills in order to function on the job in a way that is productive. The leader has to have personal maturity and ability to carry out  basic responsibilities; s/he has to posses commitment and determination with great focus and is result driven. Being results driven individual means that you don't give up on a task until you've seen its completion. Count the many times you've started a task either personally or professionally and did not finish it and is still wondering today if it would or could have made a difference in your life or career.  Being results driven means that you are concerned about the ending effects as a result to your task implementation as well having completed it in its entirety as planned.  

What 's driving you, are you results driven? Are you in the habit of setting goals and for those goals are you setting time lines to reach them? Most importantly are you completing them or do you give up half way through  leaning on a excuse of one kind or another? If you're of the latter then its time to get on board 'cause the train is coming and it will pass you by if you are not prepared! Don't miss out! When the door of opportunity opens you'll want to be able to walk right through it! 

I'll leave you with a tool to use for setting goals use the SMART system:

Specific (be specific and detailed, behavior applications) 
Measurable (how will you know that you're on track/ what will be the identifying characters points or factors) 
Attainable (make it reachable, possible to actuate)
Relevant (aligned with your purpose or vision, make your goal make sense for your bigger picture)
Target (what is your deadline, timeline, date of completion)

Happiness makes you dream things that you've never thought could be. 

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