Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mirror Mirror on the wall

I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me as I watched the Basketball All Star games a couple of weekends back. Spanning the crowd there were at least a dozen basketball stars with the same black framed eye glasses, the same gaudy princess 15 carat cut earrings, heck even best buds D.Wade & baby 'Bron 'Bron were dressed exactly alike, top to bottom. Whats wrong with that picture.

True, we've all at some point dressed like a friend or even shared clothes at one point but that was limited exchanges at most . But in today's times across arenas, sectors and cultures its hard to tell one person from the next because the majority of the people follow the same trends. Men women and even children are attempting to replicate what is on television and runways. Mainstream is powerful isn't it? Is mainstream the leader in what we select to adorn on our bodies; are they setting your standard of what is "hot" and what is "not"? 

Doesn't there comes a time in every persons life when he/she must take control of their own identity. Why would you want to see your  look, style and appeal at every angle. Why should there be any other being on this earth with your originality and uniqueness , is that fair to you? 

Why does everyone want to look the same way or dress the same, so many are making that daily trek to keep up with the Joneses? Who does that! What types of ideas go into a individuals thought process when committing to imitating another ways and styles. Be different. Who can be a better you than you? Be your unique, individual, exclusive, particular self. You are good enough, cute enough, handsome enough, classy enough, quite debonair and oh so fabulous just the way you are. 


  1. What are some ways that one can find the courage to be an individual/go against the grain when they are inundated with words and images that tell them they should be somebody else?

  2. Courage is inside each and every one of us, unsurprisingly we use it on many occasions, however selectively yet in the end it’s the very same courage. Courage isn't locked away in a vault some complicated or convoluted combination its there in its purest form, It's tangible. Happiness is real and normal for free. “Add it all up”, once one realizes that ultimately it costs less to be their selves than it does to be someone else they will then taste victory. With victory on their tongue one will open the door and see courage waiting exactly in the right place. If one can love exactly who they are then why hold it back from the rest of the world, chances are that one person is not the only one that finds it difficult to adjust or be accepted. If we were all the same by any means of measurement that would be boring and redundant.

    The societal words and images that are offered also come with the choice option. The choice option gives us the permission to opt for what is best for us in our own skin. No one person or entity has the sole rights to our soul, we do. I chant: Believe that courage is already there all we have to do is act on it. Commit to the discontinuance of using the lens of comparison that causes doubt. Embrace the idea of the re-association of self and self identification and walk towards freedom.