Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ridin' shotgun

Back seat driver everybody knows one
Sitting there on the low when they're supposed to hold one
Not that quick certainly with a slow whine
Back seat driver will have you lost in no time

Back seat driver, no map no direction and no clue
Damn Back seat driver who woulda' knew!
I let you in trusting you on the gut 
only to find out that you don't even give a ***k

Back seat driver had his own agenda 
trying to get me pregnant tsk tsk my name ain't Brenda
Back seat driver didn't have his own mind 
now he's locked up doing hard time

Back seat driver fooled me and got me lookin' like a clown
Back seat driver didn't even hold me down!
Back seat driver  hard lessons learned, giving you my keys only got me burned!



  1. "Back seat driver had his own agenda
    trying to get me pregnant tsk tsk my name ain't Brenda"

    I love this. I was watching something today, the NFL player Arian Foster, made a tribute to his mother for being there for him through all his hardships. She once pawned her wedding ring to put food on the table. Heres a link to the video - March 8 is International Women's Day, and it made me think. Most men I know love and respect their mothers, but few of those same men extend that same reverence to their girlfriends/wives/female acquaintances. What do you think about this, can you attest to this experience as well? How can we help change this attitude?

  2. Thanks! You are exactly right in that there are guys that have exact opposite relationships with their woman as with their mother. Its almost as if they (men) received a mixed message and couldn't differentiate between expectation and deliverance which presents a dichotomy between thought and action. Historically, much to mothers credit she seemed to take the Malcolm X approach and was always prepared to survive by any means necessary. Mom was also equipped with tools which were sharpened both on and by her sons, she didn't accept or tolerate too much that would throw her off track and blur her vision. There is no doubt that the building of those relationships is a two way street.

    Of course there is a multitude of variables involved and I'm not placing blame solely on either person but I think in some cases women don't see themselves the way that mom did and have became victims of those mixed messages as well.

    I am not sure where the turn around point is for this situation however I think that if we can start delivering clear and concise messages to each other during our approach and embrace with one another we can start to correct this issue one person at a time.