Sunday, March 4, 2012

When the student is ready....

.......the teacher will appear. Upon hearing this proverb I immediately thought of the depth of its meaning. My mind formed one question after the other: who is the student and when exactly is the student ready and most of all who will be the teacher? Hmm.
Fact is we are all somewhere on the spectrum of needing to do or wanting to accomplish a goal yet some of us are closer to wanting it than others, is normal. Just who are the students and when do you know that you've become one? Does acquiring the role of a student mean that you've contended with the premise that you are not yet ready or are in the process of being ready and understanding that ah ha you don't know everything?

Is the student someone who is willing to become submissive to another that clealy has what the student needs? Is the student ready to surrender and salute the teacher? Mostly, what does the student need to possess in order to be able to recongnize its teacher; is simple physical vision sufficient?

Where are you in your transition are you almost ready, nearly ready, kinda ready or not ready in terms of becoming the student? If you're in the latter of the four, do you know what all you need to do in order to become ready?

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