Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sometimes I wish that I could tell you the TRUTH
IF I could tell you what you did to me I would start by saying that you MARKED me for life! The WOUNDS are scabbed over and the blood has clotted but the remnants remain.

May I ask you why?! 

WHY was it so difficult to love ME? 

WHY weren't you there to protect ME?

IF I could tell you face to FACE I wouldn't clam up anymore! I would YELL at the top on my lungs and tell YOU exactly how I feel about what you did NOT do to me and tell you ALL that they DID do to me and how LOST I was in between times.  

I OFTEN wandered through space asking "who am I" and allowing THEM to identify my persona! 

Funny now 'cause they, including YOU were all WRONG! 

I am ME today even though you didn't care enough to LOVE me! 

I am FREE today even though you did't care enough to free me!

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