Monday, August 27, 2012

Never judge a book by its cover (intro)

She stood near the corner asking for directions when suddenly out of nowhere it started to rain. She wasn't prepared for the rain, no umbrella in sight, ugh she sighed.

Pouring down rain she can hear the thunder and lightening lighting up the skies. Nervously she awaits for the next bus which isn't due for another 30 minutes. Ugh, she groans how could she have been taken off guard she knew she should have watched the weather before she left for work this morning!

Oh great the bus is early, "thank god" she says under her breath. Settling into her seat she notices him. She checks him out from head to toe, at least from what she can see from her seat. Hmm, nice shoes she takes note.

Exhausted from a long day between school and work she's spent, when does it get better she wonders. She rests her head back and doses off before she knows it she has passed her stop and is the last person on the bus, so she thinks. She jerks up in an urgency and realizes that she isn't alone, Mr. Shoes is still there also. Now suspicious, "is he following me" she thinks instantly. Of course he isn't, why would he?

"Excuse me driver, I need to get off at this stop please". Omg, how did I miss my stop! As she rises up to get off at this stop she notices that he raises up too. Nervous, her heart beating fast, what should I do she thinks to herself. Luckily she remembers the knife that her father had given her as a birthday present last year. She reaches inside of her purse placing her hands on the knife and as she approaches the front exit door he goes for the back door.

She pulls her cell out phone to call her girlfriend Monique that lives close to let know that she'd be stopping by unexpectedly. She calls, no answer. She calls again and again no answer. Monique where are you! Worried that she'd be left out in the rain she continues walking. In the distance she can hear his footsteps behind her sounding like he is going into the same direction, towards Monique's townhouse.

Spotting Monique's gated complex just ahead she can see there is a light on in the kitchen. Wheew, "thank god" she says under her breath. She feels a little comfort that is until Mr. Shoes is right there close behind her. Frantically she rings the buzzer for apt 3C, "c'mon answer the bell. "Hello" she hears Monique's voice: "it's me Candace I missed my bus stop let me in". She hears hesitation in her friends voice..."uhh ok give me a minute" Candace hears the click from the gate she reaches for the gate and he reaches for the gate also and says to Candace "ladies first".  Relaxing a little she realized that he must live in the same gated community.

Walking up to apt 3C, they both walk in.."heeeeey Marquise I see you found my place". 

Candace shouts, "I thought I had missed my stop!
The bus let me off right at the corner, that was pretty easy I haven't caught a bus in years" Marquise replies. 

Monique turns to introduce the two "Candace please meet my little brother Marquise".  Surprised, Candace turns around to face Marquise and suddenly sees the resemblance between the two. Oh goodness you two could be twins! Marquise grins and says yes she beat me by about 10 months, but I'm the cuter one! They laughed.

Sizing him up again, she relaxes and grins. "Please to meet you" both said at the same time.

In the kitchen Monique tells her close friend that her brother had just recently gotten a divorce from his wife; she raked him over the coals taking everything he had including their new model car not to mention his six diget bank account.

Wine anyone? asked Monique. Sure both responded simultaneously. YES please!
As the night went on the two strangers became acquaintances sharing survival stories of love.

Wow its getting late I'm going to need a ride home Candace says. "I'll take you home, that is if my big sister doesn't mind me putting my fingerprints on the starring wheel of her BMW, lol". 

Monique had noticed the two getting more familiar, each smiling at the other and thought to herself how wonderful it would be for her little brother to find love again after all he deserves it. He put himself through law school, married his high school sweetheart. Luckily they didn't have any children or else their babies would be caught in the middle of this messy divorce....Of course you can drop my dear friend off at home I don't mind. says Monique. (winking at Candace)

The two giggle as they approach the car, Marquise reaches passed her shoulder and open the passenger side door, "ladies first". Candace grinned and hopped into the soft leather seats. Oh! (she almost forgot to reach over and open his door like her mother had always reminded her to do.)

Small talk between them as they approach Candace's neighborhood Marquise notices a car that had been following him for a few block now, "hummm. I know that isn't, nah it can't be".... He tried to ignore the car following him but not before Candace noticed the distraction, every thing OK Marquise? Now her mind is racing, thinking....."what did I get myself into".  Yeah its all OK, I just thought I saw my ex following us since we turned left at the light before heading down your street...I don't see her car anymore so maybe I'm just being paranoid. Like I mentioned before, we are divorced but for some she just wont let me have any peace. I guess misery wants company.

Turn here at this blue house with the porch swing on it. says Candace.

What a lovely place you have here Marquise said as he walked her to her front door. Thanks, I've wanted to own my own home for a while now. I love to decorate! I really enjoy making my own personal spaces meaningful. Funny that you say that Marquise chimes in...because I used to be faulted for having "too much personality" and "too outgoing". I was told that I'm too much of a people person. I guess the one who felt that way was insecure at the time. Well enough about my past.

I'd love to have coffee with you one day, perhaps one day soon?

I tell you what, give me your number and I will let you know what my schedule is like for later this week. On second thoughts....Candace hands Marquise her cell phone "here you go, put your number in" she smiles. Goodnight and thank you for delivering me safely to my door.

Marquise drives off and just as he turns the corner he gets a text but he doesn't recognize the number....the text reads: "tomorrow at noon is open :-)"
He smiles ahhh Candace! He replied asking her for her favor coffee selection.

That darn car is still following me who in the world could that be? I know it's not who I think it is! Hasn't she had enough of fighting! Marquise reaches for the button to open the glove compartment where Monique keeps her .22 putting... it right on the inside of his thigh just in case he needs to defend himself

To be continued.......

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