Friday, April 6, 2012

Meatless days UPDATE

OK, so I made it! For those of you who didn't read my blog posted late February where I stated that I would give up eating meat for Lent, I did it. Yes there are some sections of the Catholic religion that will argue actual day that Lents ends but since I am not Catholic I will take the side of the majority.  I feel like singing, "Neva woulda made it"! haha. It was easy at first just like anything else when you're excited and its new. I learned to be creative with my meal choices and lots of shopping in the produce section. Having to cook a dinner for my other half that included meat didn't really bother me too much at first. I didn't really get weak until he cooked one of those famous smoked beef sausages from back home!!! OMG all most lost my mind, but I made it through. (There's more in the freezer :-))

One of the many lessons that I learned is that all habits(well most) can be broken; may not be easily broken but broken all the same. It's all a matter of how you react to the cravings of the habit. You think that your habit is eating chocolate but what happens before you actually eat the chocolate is the action that causes you to eat the chocolate, make sense? For example, I like chicken breast but I couldn't eat it so instead of me picking it up and eating it, I talked myself out of having it by reminding myself of my goal and intention. I used positive self talk to encourage and guide my inner self. I had to lean on my will power. Will power is real and without it nothing will change. Without a doubt my will power wavered at times especially towards the end when I stopped planning my meals; accident waiting to happen. Insight, planning is a major not a  minor part of any task or feat, what is the saying "If you fail to plan you plan to fail", it's true. 

On Sunday I'm going back to my old habits/feeding the desires of my mind with mixed feelings... We're planning a menu for Easter dinner which includes rib-eye steak and pork ribs and I'm already feeling guilty!. I'm sure that I will enjoy dinner but it wont be without a conscious thought. Would I go meatless again, absolutely as a matter of fact I plan to alter my carnivore consumption going forward. Denying yourself  from any pleasures small or large isn't easy but its necessary from time to time. There is always a bigger plan that any of us are aware of waiting inside the transition of the sacrifice and within the end result there lies the purpose. 

Before you embrace your next sacrifice- Plan Prepare and Pray!! 

Thanks for listening. I'm serious. 

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