Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Why are relationships important and why do we need them? Are your relationships healthy? How do you know weather it is or isn't? The one thing that is consistent about relationships is that they are a direct reflection of who you are inter-personally. The reality is that relationships are developed with us before reciprocation or even participating can possible be expected. Infants are born with no direct intention of building a relationship; they are born dependent without a choice.

In our relationships with our parents, friends, family and significant others we have to continuously examine our intentions and our responsibility to those relationships. If at any time either of those relationships becomes risky we must make a heart felt decision to amend that relationship. Whether the risk is interjected by you or the other person, one must make a decision. Making the first right decision will be based on several components, each identified by the visionary. In order to make the right decisions most times requires outside support systems. Having positive support systems within reach is critical for each and everyone of us no matter our age; young or not so young two heads is most times better than one.

Take a moment right now and honestly examine your relationships. Ask yourself, is there any need for adjustments and/or improvements? Knowing what is needed will require an assessment of self are you ready and willing? Let me know.

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