Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blessings, is that a real concept?

First let me say that  I'm not a pastor or minister or even at this moment an active pew participant of any church so where I am speaking from is purely personal experience and personal point of view.

Blessings... are they real? I believe that they are. Where does blessings come from? According to that defines blessing as "the invoking of God's favor upon a person". I won't get into the logistics of God and his/her power because that is not the intended focus of this writing. I just want to talk about blessings and how they effect our lives. 

I believe in blessings. Over my years of living blessings have found me just at the right times and also in times when I expected it the least. Just recently I became the recipient of a blessing. Although it may seem minuscule to some but it meant a lot to me. The scenario: First thing in the morning while I was in the elevator heading up to my floor to sit in my dreaded cube at my work site. I was joined by a co-worker that I've spoken to several times before. We briefly chatted about my philanthropy endeavors which wasn't exactly new news to her; she listened and encouraged me. From time to time we've called upon each other for direction, opinion, comments and insight so this conversation was very comfortable. Being comfortable with the person that I am conversing with is very important to me. When I am not comfortable the conversation becomes superficial. Anyway..that's a whole 'nutha blog :-)

Fast forward, mid day same day I checked my email and this is what I read: Can you join tomorrow luncheon 11:30... be my guest? It took me by surprise to say the least, it was from my elevator guest. I didn't expect it but of course I responded positively to the invitation. The invite was for the Herbert R Brown Society luncheon. The Herbert R. Brown Society is an African American Leadership Initiative that provides African Americans the unique opportunity to bring their passion, expertise and resources to make lasting change in the community. I would categorize this opportunity as a blessing that I was not expecting. I needed to be in the audience that day. I needed the exposure. I needed the encouragement; to know that I was on the right track. I needed to know that I can make a difference. And most of all I needed to hear "keep going " that there was still more to do in my community.

My elevator guest not only listened to me but she heard me. She reached out to me. She shared with me.

Blessings happens everyday to you to me, to our friends & family and even to our enemies. Decide to be a blessing to others. Take a moment or two to enlighten someone starting today. Exposure is powerful. Share your knowledge base with someone. Become a mentor to a young person in need of guidance. Share your time with the elderly; learn their wisdom. Volunteer at a place that aligns with your future career path. Do something, and if you are already doing something do a little more. Be a blessing, it matters.

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