Saturday, February 25, 2012

Different on purpose


Why do I compare myself to you?

I don’t even have a clue

You’re not me and I’m not you

But what with my thoughts shall I do?

I can paint the sky with my imagination

But once I think of you it ignites my procrastination

In an instant I hesitate with jealousy, envy and shame

Shaking my head and thinking….comparing myself to you is so lame

Not because you’re not strong, beautiful or intelligent

But excuse me I was not created just for the hell of it

So what I’ve learned is that there’s no need to yearn

For what I think I lack inside

But to change the lens that I use to analyze

You’re not perfect and neither am I

But if I’m not careful your place in line might catch my eye

Truth is we’re all on different paths

Some high, some low, some steady and some fast

Why did I compare myself to you, I have not a clue

The next time I think why you and not me I’ll remember that you could be envious of what you see too

                                                                                                   ELG 02/12

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