Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Obstacles - Selcatsbo - Obstacles

Just when you're focused and set to sail
here comes a whisper hissing  you're going to fail
that is so not true its false and an absolute lie
 we all know for you there's a ribbon in the sky
There will always be some kind of object obscuring your way
but don't hesitate to keep it moving.....do it anyway
remember there is nothing they can do and nothing they can say
to omit your name from the grand prize at bay

When you see that train a'comin you must get to runnin'  
but don't take off without a plan or your goal will be out of your hand!

Don't be fooled..... the obstacle may appear to be your favorite
but the taste it will leave behind you will not want to savor it

So take the old doubt and put her away
she has zero time for procrastination.. unuh not today!
Delaying your task is not an option
'cus your deadline is nearing, no time for stopin'

Tomorrow doesn't come without another distraction
but with a clear and purposeful plight you'll find endless satisfaction
knowing that you didn't give up, you didn't give in and you didn't quit
pat yourself on the back
give yourself a squeeze

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