Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rise and shine!

Do your part. Do what makes a difference. Do what you wish to see happen as a result of intentional hard work and diligence. Which part & where do you start you ask? Take a comprehensive glance around your community, assess its issues and take note of what it is that you can do to rectify them. Your deed doesn't have to be a gigantic one to make a big difference. It could be something as small as reporting a light that has blown out in front of your neighbors house and needs to be replaced, it could be a mom and pop establishment that needs some volunteers to do odd jobs for its upkeep,  it could be and elderly couple or widow in need of someone to run errands for them or there may be a child that just needs to hear someone to say "you're special". Doing something will always outweigh doing nothing at all.  Look around your own community and take your pick. Choose what it is that you are interested in perusing and go for it! 

Why should you even care? You should care because you are just that kind of caring citizen and besides, there is much to do in the world and the only way to accomplish it is to put your hands in the mix! Your involvement could make the difference in the small things that causes bigger things to happen. When you begin to express how much you care about where you live others will take notice and among them are members of city council authorities and policy makers that can and will advocate on the behalf of your community because they know and see that the community can and will advocate on behalf of each other. Get involved. The rest world doesn't have to be watching you to do it and there doesn't have to be a prize or award involved  for you to be intentional in your actions. Embrace your neighborhood and be the catalyst of change for others.

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