Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Baby Phat

Ok, I bet you're thinking she's lost her mind! No seriously I've been trying to work off this same baby phat that I gained since after my last child was born in 1989. How is that even possible that the same phat is still here? Is it the same phat? Omg, this is impossible!

How many gym memberships have we purchased over the years that we eventually end up neglecting to take advantage of after the first 6 months? We start out ambitious and determination through the roof, we've already informed our inner self and those outer rolls that we must do this no matter what! First six weeks man we are feeling good, losing inches and a few pounds depending on how your body decides to lose weight. We change our eating habits empty our candy drawers and pop shelves and YES we will lose 20 lbs by summer!!

Fast forward into the fourth month, whoa things don't look too good, we're getting weak and losing momentum on this journey. We contemplate what to do, do I call Jenny, Weight Watchers, Atkins, Slim Fast or start the Cabbage diet but something has got to give! "Come on you can do it" we tell ourselves over and over only to end up back on the futon, computer chair or sofa.

Does the brand name The Firm ring any bells? The Firm is a whole body fitness workout program that was popular the early 2000's. I bet you can guess where this is going right? The other day as I contemplated this same 20lbs from 1989 I decided to open up the box, seriously. The date on the box reads 2002, inside the box are four VHS exercise tapes! Yes VHS, luckily we still have a VCR on hand or I'd be forced to re-order just to have DVDs. That day I worked out and it felt good, my second (third, fourth, fifth....) chance has started and I intend to make good on it.

Perhaps the moral of the story is that we can buy all of the equipment on earth to perform a task, meet a goal or deadline but if we don't equipped our minds and align ourselves on one accord it will never come to fruition and ten years will pass and we'll find ourselves in the same place faced with the same challenge.

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